The brains of dying people can be active: Mysterious activity detected

Welcome to my blog Friends! I will tell you an amazing fact that our scientists have discovered recently. They discover that what happens with our mind when we are at the last moment of our life. Neuroscientists have been involved in the secrets of the brain. How the brains of dying people can be active.A team … Read more

7 Daily Habits to Improve Mental Health 

Mental wellbeing is just as important as physical wellbeing in order to live a balanced, joyful life, find inner peace and satisfaction, and builds meaningful relationships with others. According to WHO (World Health Organisation), mental health is a state of mental well-being that allows people to realise their abilities, cope with the stresses of daily life, focus … Read more

7 ways to extend your best healthy years 

Thank you & Welcome to my blog! I will tell you to live your life some excellent way and stay healthy life long. Introduction  We’re likely to live to an older age than our grandparents’ generation, that doesn’t mean we’re any healthier than they are. The biggest problem of ours is the reliance on medicine to fix health … Read more

8 Side effects of Sugar

Thank you and Welcome to my blog! Here I mention some crucial side effects of consuming excess sugar that most people don’t know about. “Everybody’s got their poison, and mine is sugar” Derrick Rose SUGAR will be an important ingredient in many dishes to elevate flavours. Many attribute their ‘sweet tooth’ to their heightened sense … Read more

7 Ways to improve your eyesight/eye power naturally

Welcome to my blog! Here we talk about some natural methods that I personally experience in improving my eyesight.  People wearing spectacles can understand this thing, how problem we face when we don’t have our spects to see or our spectacles are lost. We feel just like “We need goggles too to find our goggles.” … Read more

International Nurse Day 2023: theme, when and why?

The International Council of Nurses has dedicated May 12 as International Nurse Day to celebrate Florence Nightingale’s birthday. International Nurse Day is celebrated all over the world to honour the contribution of nurses to society and acknowledge the role they play in the overall healthcare system. Nurses play an important role in providing medical care … Read more

“World-Changing Malaria Vaccine”: Approved by Ghana

Malaria is life threatening disease specially for children. WHO approved a vaccine, which is affordable. Here we talk about this vaccine and about Malaria. A highly effective malaria vaccine is authorised by the West African nation of Ghana against a parasitic disease that affects nearly 250 million people a year and kills 600,000, most of … Read more

Weight Loss: Top 10 foods in your diet

“Good food is the foundation of Happiness” Loss of weight is a more difficult problem as to gain weight nowadays especially after covid time employees, who work from home, are facing the problem. Losing weight is more difficult for a person than gaining weight. Most of the people skip their daily diet to lose their … Read more

How to relieve from anxiety

How to relieve from anxiety Meditation can help in reducing negative thoughts, making it easier to manage stress and anxiety. A wide range of meditation styles, including mindfulness and meditation during yoga, may help.  Some people unconsciously tense their muscles in response to anxiety. Progressive relaxation exercises to alleviate this tension and reduce stress.  Finding a way to express … Read more