7 ways to extend your best healthy years 

Thank you & Welcome to my blog! I will tell you to live your life some excellent way and stay healthy life long.


We’re likely to live to an older age than our grandparents’ generation, that doesn’t mean we’re any healthier than they are. The biggest problem of ours is the reliance on medicine to fix health problems after they’ve already occurred, rather than prioritising prevention. Lifespan is increasing because we have newer and more advanced technology and medicine than what was available when our grandparents were our age.

7 solution to help extend the healthy years of your life .

Here we are talking about some practices that add healthier year to your life. 

1. Annually checkup

Annually full body checkup and blood sample test remind us to be healthy. If any disease occurs in our body and we are unaware of this. So, we may have time to recover this on time. Sometimes, you assume yourself healthy, but a tiny spark of disease will be growing, after a long time you will find a dangerous disease in your body, and you are too late to recover from this. 

2. Away from sugar

You are the main cause of your body ‘s lots of problems because you deal with too much sugar, obviously, sugar improves our food’s taste. Sometimes, sugar is an important ingredient for our meal, but it affects our body in different way, and it affects your age and affects our HealthSpan and lifestyle too.

3. Take a healthy diet

You must schedule a healthy diet to stay fit your body and stay away health issues because healthy diet is the solution of most of the problems related to health. Stick to a Mediterranean diet or plant-based diet, with meat occasionally for extra protein but you must be aware that which type of energy you need and how protein is needed to you.

4. Sit less

“Sitting is bad, standing is good,” so consider it a rule to refresh you body and mind. Sitting for too long long increases your dangerous health problem like hearth disease. I known sitting is a natural posture and we need to take it for some rest but excess sitting habit also increases mental problem. We must take a break during log hours of work. We should make an interval during our work for an example- I have a busy schedule and have to work for 8 hours in a day so we make a routine of taking a break of 5 minute after every 30-45 minutes. This little habit makes you healthy and stress free.

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5. Daily exercise

You should make a target on a daily bases for exercise. You should make a routine of 1 hours for exercise. If you have a busy schedule and can’t have this much time to do exercise, at least Walk every day if that’s all you can manage. You must try to walk in the morning in fresh and cool air. This makes you feel refresh and make your mind happy.

6. Stay hydrated

Generally healthy people should drink four to six glasses of water each day, according to Harvard Health Publishing. Water plays an important role for functioning of our body like digesting our food, carrying nutrients and oxygen to our cell, balancing our body’s blood pressure etc. We must make a habit to drink water to stay healthy.

7.Practice gratitude and mindfulness

Gratitude, mindfulness and a great social circle these things can be added your best years. A social circle will be your support network. Your friends will help you to achieve your target and stay motivated. Your circle will reduce your stress and tiredness. being with your good friend circle makes your mind healthy and make you feel happy.

We have a lots of problem in our life but we must take a solution to make your life the Best year of your life.

” Living longer doesn’t necessarily mean healthier” 

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