The brains of dying people can be active: Mysterious activity detected

Welcome to my blog Friends! I will tell you an amazing fact that our scientists have discovered recently. They discover that what happens with our mind when we are at the last moment of our life.

Neuroscientists have been involved in the secrets of the brain. How the brains of dying people can be active.A team of researchers has found a mysterious surge in activity in the brains of two people who were on the verge of dying, and as they transitioned into death. 

Researchers have been giving efforts for so long to understand the science of the brain and want to know when a person dies what happens in the final fleeting moments before it completely shuts down. According to previous studies in animals have been shown a surge of gamma waves as they go into cardiac and respiratory arrest. A same activity has now been detected in the human brain. 

What happens in the brain during the final moments of dying people?

According to scientists of University of Michigan analysed the electroencephalogram (EEG) and electrocardiogram (ECG) signals are two thing in our brain. While EEG is used to monitor the functioning of the brain and track the electrical activity of the brain by detecting signals that are produced by the neurons, ECG is used to check the condition of the heart. 

The gamma wave was initially located in a part of the brain known as the hot zone, which has in the past been associated with people dreaming, and in seizure patients who report having visual hallucinations. The hot zone in the brain is a region known to be critical for conscious processing. 

However, the patients did not survive to describe what they saw due to the elevated gamma waves. 

Researchers state that the dying brain can still be active. They also suggest they need to revaluate the role of the brain during cardiac arrest,” the team concluded. 

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